10 Reasons to Go On A Road Trip​

Here are the top 10 Reasons to Go On A Road Trip No other way of travel is more fun than a road trip with friends. Why fly and miss the amazing scenes of nature, memorable moments and all the travel fun which you can have on a road trip that too at a very reasonable price. A road trip is a perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. If you’re planning a road trip or looking forward to the decision of planning one then this blog is for you.

Top Reasons for Road Trips

  1. You are free & flexible: You are free and flexible to decide your departure time, arrival time, routes, itinerary and stops along the way. You aren’t bound to the timings of your flights, buses or trains. You are your own boss you can stop wherever you want and explore anyplace anytime. You do not need to have any plans to follow you can make them anytime as per your wish and budget.
  2. Quality-Time: Quality time with our loved ones has become a kind of dream in today’s busy lives. When was the last time we spoke our hearts out with our friends and family? A road trip will help you recreate the chemistry among your friends and family, you can talk, laugh, eat and have all the fun in the world. Talk about everything just as you used to do while you were kids. Go, catch up!
  3. The journey is the destination; a road trip is an adventure!: It is all about the fun breaks, different food, meeting different people along the way, different climate, different environments, different cultures and all the crazy chats, moments and memories we make during the whole trip. Without worrying about the destination which makes you feel that the road just shouldn’t end and the journey should just go on and on forever…!!
  4. There’s so much to explore: You have been spending a quite good part of your life sitting on that chair in front of your PC working hours and hours or chilling at home watching Netflix and you have missed on so much of fun and adventure in your life. There’s a wide world out there to explore and you are just viewing it through World Wide Web (www) that isn’t fair is it? Go out explore and see the real world.
  5. You are always young enough to travel: You are never too old for a road trip. Even if you think you are; you will forget about all the restrictions you think age has put on you. You are never too old to explore or live your life; it’s all in the mind. Travel for the sake of life, travel because you can, travel because you should.
  6. It looks so much fun when they do it in the movies! : We are so much fascinated by the movies aren’t we? The trips in the movies look absolute fun and dreamy, such as the Spain road trip of 3 best friends in “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, the popular trio going on a trip from Mumbai to Goa in “Dil Chahta Hai”, two strangers falling in love on an adventurous trip to Corsica in “Tamasha” etc. So, now it’s time for you guys to plan a road trip.
  7. Save Money: Travelling by car is usually less expensive than buying four round-trip airplanes, bus or train tickets. Going on a road trip is a quite cost-effective way of traveling. You save a lot on costly air tickets by renting a car for a trip; you save a lot on luxury hotel stays by booking homestays and budget hotels along the way.
  8. Meet New People: Trips introduce you to some very new, different and interesting people. Each stop shows you a different culture and lifestyle. It is fun to see fellow travelers who are from the same state as you but it is also nice to meet some who are from the completely opposite side of the country too. It’s about surprises, you should expect the unexpected and that’s the best part about road trips.
  9. You disconnect to reconnect: We are so much into the virtual world. We are digitally connected with people across the globe through the internet with the help of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp etc but yet so disconnected from our near and dear ones.
  10. Create memories that will last a lifetime: Journeys have their own good and bad moments but at the end, they are memories worth remembering. These trips are full of adventure, fun and discovery. You would cherish the memories for life and feel quite happy and satisfied that you did it!

Now that you are all set and have made up your mind to go on a trip but confused about which road trip to go on

Ladakh Road Trips

Go on an adventurous Bike Trip to Leh Ladakh, the most loved and fantasized road trip in the world as it takes you through the most difficult terrains and high altitude passes, offering you some of the most spectacular views of the rare beauty of the Himalayas. Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi Leh Ladakh Road Trip from Manali

Spiti Valley Road Trips

Visit the cold desert mountain valley in the Himalayan Mountains with Aahvan Adventures and experience the ultimate adventure and fun on your road trip. Spiti Valley Bike Trip

The Other options are as follows

Take a road trip to the states of Kings and Queens, the royal and historical spot of the country. Experience the fun of a desert road trip. Royal Rajasthan Desert Bike Trip 

This motorcycle trip to Uttarakhand will take you to some of the astounding places like Corbett National park, Kausani, Rishikesh and many more. Uttarakhand Bike Trip 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead pack your bags and leave, the adventure out there awaits you.

Happy Road Tripping…!!

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