Best Time For Kedarkantha Trek

The best time for Kedarkantha Trek is from September to June month. The very reason is the availability of snow till the end of April making it one of the best winter trek destinations of all. Kedarkantha Winter Trek attracts you with the beautiful views of the snowy mountains. And to add to that one can view the lovely snows at a height of only 10,000 feet lying at the base of the pine trees also making it the “Yoga capital of the world”. The reason for its popularity is the gorgeous campsites, where every site is unmatched in its own way and does not match the beauty with any other campsites in the journey. 

Another beauty of this trekking trail is that it starts from a dense pine forest where one can begin the trekking trail walking over the bed of brown dried leaves creating a unique experience and a magnificent view that is absolutely unparalleled. Last but not least is the splendid breathtaking view of the famous snow-capped mountain summits that come into view as soon as one steps in Kedarkantha base and the view gets more stunning which each step towards the summit. The whole year is the Kedarkantha Trek Best time to visit, the trekking tour promises refreshing and a heart filled pleasure which makes the destination so attractive to millions of visitors throughout the year.

Though Kedarkantha Trek can be conducted almost the whole year the aspiring views that it provides in the winter months from December to April cannot be compared with summer times. The snow-clapped trekking trails and the buckets of snow at the base of the pine trees are a fascinating beauty to savor and remains only available during the winter days. In fact, for the locals, the winter months are a time for rejoice and they enjoy a number of festivals during this time. However, it is better to avoid the monsoon time for trekking on these trails.

Kedarkantha Trek Packages

Best reasons which will change your decisions

Snow till April

Many have questions about which is the best time for Kedarkantha Trek. Not several recognize that on the Kedarkantha trek, the winter snow sets in by the center of December. And lasts till the third week of April. you’re probably to return across snow even as you cross the 10,000 ft mark, lying on the forest floor among the pine trees. after you reach the meadows, a large blanket of white is likely to surround you in every direction.

Captivating Campsites

This trek has the prettiest campsites within the Himalayas Mountains. Not every trek boasts about the sweetness of their campsites just like the Kedarkantha trek. Every camping site is exclusive in its beauty. The Akrotiri Thach camping site sits in a clearing surrounded by walnut and pine trees, the Pukhrola camping site is on an open grassland with the Kedarkantha summit in clear read. it’s near as if all of them compete with the other for the attractive setting.

Best Drive in The Himalaya Mountains

To Kedarkantha one will pass from Mussoorie to Mori before finally transfer you to Naitwar. It’s an unseen route thus meticulous that it’s the foremost stunning drive within the Himalayas Mountains. Trekkers devoir to particularly pay attention to the section when Purola till the bottom camp.

Snow Peaks All-Around

This is a large perk of trekking to Kedarkantha. Right from the Kedarkantha base camp, you’ll see gorgeous 360-degree views of renowned mountain summits and during winters all covered with snow and that is the Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek, this can be jaw-dropping. after you get to the Kedarkantha summit, it’s as if you have got touched the sky and all the summits are at your eye level!


Kedarkantha trek Best Time

Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek is a winter trek – from December to April. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. You’ll see the first snow on the very first day of the trek while trekking from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab.

Moreover, Kedarkantha is one of the few treks accessible in winter. The Himalayas are not always accessible in winter – most trails get too much snowfall, the weather gets unmanageable, making the entire trek inaccessible. But Kedarkantha promises just the right amount of snow and at the same time gives you access to a summit that stands tall at 12,500 ft! It’s a heavenly feeling to be up on the summit at sunrise. There is a harmony of beauty in the majestic peaks around you and an astonishing golden light that seems to come from another age. It is a sight beyond all superlatives i.e. Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek.

So if you want to trek the Himalayas around the Christmas holidays or perhaps start your New Year at the summit, then you should register for the Kedarkantha Trek.

Here are some quick details about the temperature possibilities:

1. December to January

  • The temperature will be around 13-18 degrees Celsius during the day.
  • After the sun sets, the temperature could go as low as -7 degrees Celsius.
  • As you go higher, it will get colder.
  • The Kedarkantha base camp will have cold winds as well. So make sure you have enough warm clothes.

2. March to May

  • The temperature during the day will be around 16-20 degrees.
  • During the night, the temperature could drop to 3-4 degrees, and in the presence of snow, could go to zero degrees.

Seasonal Accessibility

During a year Kedarkantha trek is operational for almost 10 months. People choose to go on this Kedarkantha Trek in different seasons. There are basically four seasons to visit Kedarkantha Trek and we will start from Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek that is the winter season.

Winter Season – December to Mid March

During winter you will get to experience snow starting from the base camp Sankri. Also can experience snowfall depends on weather conditions. You can feel frigidity in the surrounding with Frosty weather and shivering nights. This season is a bit difficult yet the climb to the peak can still work up that’s why Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek.

Spring Season – Mid March to April
The day starts with a radiant morning and a bleak golden sunrise. The weather stays fabulous with a clear view all the time. This season provides you a better opportunity to experience a hassle-free climb to the summit.

Summer Season – May to June
During this season Kedarkantha Trek weather turns into golden meadows with a warm atmosphere.  The days will be most pleasant and the blue sky visible all the time with fairly stable temperatures.

Autumn Season – September to November
After the monsoon season, it would be the green trail. In this duration, the Kedarkantha Trek days becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably.

“So as per us best time to visit Kedarkantha— is from December to April. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. You’ll see the first snows on the very first day of the trek while trekking from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab. The Himalayas are not always accessible in winter – most trails get too much snowfall, the weather gets unmanageable, making the entire trek inaccessible. But Kedarkantha promises just the right amount of snow and at the same time gives you access to a summit that stands tall at 12,500 ft! It’s a heavenly feeling to be up on the top of snow cladded mountains.”