Ready to book your adventure? Check out our frequently asked questions below that most travelers want to know prior to booking. It’s normal to have many questions to ask before or after you book your trip, and that’s why we have listed our frequently asked questions below for each tour. Can’t find an answer to your question? No worries! Contact us here.

Absolutely! Our trips are built for solo travellers and believe us… sharing new experiences with a group of new friends is one of the best things you can do. A large majority of the people that travel with us are 1st time travellers doing it alone so don’t worry, you’ll never be alone with us.

Travelling solo is such an incredible way to see the world and joining a group tour is a perfect way to ease outside of your comfort zone.

Group travel is perfect for those people that hate the idea of planning and just want hassle free adventures from start to finish. You’ll be sharing the adventure with other travellers just like you and you’ll have an instant group of friends from the moment you arrive. Our groups will arrive as complete strangers on Day 1 and by the time they leave they’ll all be best friends.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling solo, coming with a friend or doing it as a couple. Our trips are full of different people from all corners of the world. Group travel will allow you to see and experience much, much more than travelling alone, leave the planning to the experts 😉

On average, we attract travellers between the ages of 22-32, but we also get younger travellers as well as working professionals.

The minimum required age is 18 by law and we usually cap things at 39 but we have been know to take the odd solo traveller a little older than that if they’re feeling young at heart. If you are unsure whether the trip is for you or not, then drop us an email and let’s chat.

Sure… why not!? The majority of the people that come on our trips come solo but we do get couples and friends coming together.

Friends that come together will be paired up in twin rooms and couples will be given a double room to themselves where possible.

Traveling with a friend or partner is such a special experience and will give you such a magical memories, over the years with birthday surprises, engagements and even honeymoons.

Our Group Leaders are responsible for making sure your experience traveling is the best it can possibly be! All ‘Aahvan’ branded tours are led by Experienced Group Leaders. All ‘Adventure’, ‘Experience’ ‘Camp’ and ‘Course’ tours are led by our partner operators on the ground in the tours location.

Most travelers struggle with the decision of whether to bring a backpack or a suitcase, but don’t worry—we’re here to assist! Your choice will depend on a number of elements, including your personal preferences, where and how you plan to travel, and for how long. We recommend carrying a backpack not exceding 20 kg.

Our team gets super pumped about helping travelers just like you plan for that next adventure.  Contact us here.

Booking your trip couldn’t be easier, find a trip that takes your fancy, pick a date, reserve your spot with a deposit and get that flight booked…

We always recommend reserving your spot before booking your flight. When our trips are full… unfortunately they are FULL 😬 Check out our ‘How it Works’ page for more information.

When processing your booking, you must agree to our booking terms and conditions which cover our booking policy, how we handle your personal information, cancellation policy, general conduct and behavior and tour liability information. You can view our full Terms & Conditions page for our full T&Cs & Privacy Policy. Click here

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