Follow Some Important Trekking Lessons

Trekking Lesson 1 - There are other addictive things better than Social Media & TV

Social media addiction is at its peak now-a-days. From teenagers to oldies, everyone is wholeheartedly into some or the other addiction. Some watch TV and some play Games. But once you will go on a trekking trip, you will discover the pleasure you have never felt before. The fresh air, better smells, better light, and scenery of Himalayas will make forget the polluted world so easily. Where there is no mobile network, make sure that you are totally connected to your soul.

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Trekking Lesson 2 - Every kind of FUN is important

Trekkers appreciate life like no other normal person can do. Clubbing, Partying, hang-out with friends, watching a movie, etc. these are the normal fun parts of one’s life. But trekkers have extra ordinary fun while climbing a mountain. The sense of fun in the situation you can also feel only if you go and try it out.

Trekking Lesson 3 - Water is vital

Trekking will let you know what fresh water is which you can drink without any fear if you are carrying a bottle with you. At some places you will also feel that the waterfalls have self-cleansing system in them. Selection of a camping site is highly depends on water because anyway you can’t trust the weather.

Trekking Lesson 4 - Protect the Environment

After you will visit Himalayas, you will come to know how fragile our environment is and we need to protect it for our future. Pure water of rivers, soft lush green grass, trees which give us fruits without chemical will push you to save them.

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Trekking Lesson 5 - Getting out of comfort zone

Getting out from your comfort zone and doing things that uncomfortable for some time is always gratifying. Letting your physical limitation to explore Lake, Peak or any high altitude pass will give you a feeling which cannot be describe in words.

Trekking Lesson 6 - Nothing worth having comes easily

Trekking on a trail for hours as struggling and bellicose can be frustrating and shattering for you, but defiantly you will get a high of yourself after reaching your destination. Your body might get tired, sweat might be dripping off your face, but completing a goal is a great thing to accomplish.


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