Sheering winter may be calling you for the Chadar Trek. Just imagine that the winter drops down to -20 degree and that’s heartbreaking, right

As the name suggests Chadar trek is considered to be the most attentive trek and also called as the frozen river trek of all. It is the hardest trek where one has to live only in the caves. It glorifies the beauty of the Himalayan range. It is beautifully decorated with the frozen waterfall just like one likes to carve it with clay, but here it is real. You walk on the frozen landscape. Exciting right? Only the deadliest people can travel this trek and make the adventure worthy enough to the most dangerous Himalayan range.

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Why so hard even if it is just a trek?

Leh comes in a way for Chadar Trek. According to many researchers, during the year 2018, the trail was laid to Chadar. In a way, more than 15 trekkers were hospitalized before this trek began. It began because of nausea, severe vomiting, breathlessness and not adaptable to the atmosphere.

There is a strong temptation or the cities lying above sea level with the extraordinarily low level as compared to the regular one. The act says that if the cities lie above 1000ft within the sea level than there is a slight change in the climate. Leh is residing on the 9800ft with the sea level. There is a drastic climate change at the sudden drop below the sea level. This climate change cannot hold you up for the trekking. Your body is not accustomed to this climatic change and people fall sick. It is hardest to even go for the climatic change at Chadar.

Raising up this hardest thing one should take a stay at these regions for a while before the trek begins. Once the lungs are familiar with the change or drop out of climate, things pass on. Leh is such a beautiful place where one can take up the conform to confront them as a counterfeit. Hardships are always worshipped. This trek is rated as the 5 stars for the challenge out of 5 and noted as the thrilled trek among all in the scrapbook in the Himalayan range trekking list. The main care should be taken off is your warm clothes should not get wet.

Explain me about Chadar! you go

You must have heard a slight change can affect the whole process. Just as it is! A slight altering of temperature leads to the hideous trek and laid out with the huge impact on Chadar. Big boulders break like a fallen building right in front of you naked eye. Ice builds their image to stand tall and falls from the ever-lasting sky. It melts you to put your feet in the frozen river. You never know what sort of terrain is waiting for you ahead.

Cold says I am never leaving you until you leave this area and you hear giggling of the frozen waterfall falling and building its own strength. This beautiful place is hard to trek and hard to find. It is indeed THE CHADAR TREK!


Throughout the trek, you have to set the trail and locate your way through massive thrones of ice blocks, walking prudent, circumspect with your legs, sneaky dart from the falling sleds or you are knocked off to the ground. When the ice angels fall you might skip the entire trail stretch and hiding in the rocks to safely head towards the trail. A bit of the frozen landscape may help to dodge the ice melts.


How does the cold affect you?

There are very chronic things that happen to you is hypothermia. Hypothermia is when your body doesn’t throw heat and it is very difficult to manage the ratio of the temperature inside and outside. The second thing is when somebody has heart condition very meek and bones are very weak, Chadar trek is not for them. The best way to avoid these is keeping your body warm and to stay energetic and active. In case if somebody falls down and need medical treatment than they are called to Leh back within 24 hours. Running blood gets cold in the weather like Chadar. There are many peaks that start to melt and fall apart in the chadar. Snow boulders get run up to the glaciers of the mountain range and roll up to break down the frozen river. Everything turns against you.


Hold uptight as the temperature is breaking down to -35 degrees in your tent. With the help of Aahvan Team, it becomes more mind soothing and adds up to your adventure list of the journey. Set an offset to the Indian and the Tibetian culture at Leh to Chadar. Adventure over still do this hardest trek as they fill their empty pockets with the heavenly adventure.

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