How To Choose Best Trekking Shoes

It is undoubtedly right that shoes are the best friend for a hiker or a trekker. It is the important gear that should be purchased by a person trekking, irrespective of what the location is. Having perfect shoes for your trek will take you a long way, on the other hand, bad shoes will definitely stop you from going further. The trekking shoes you select must offer you warmth, stability, water resistance, weight, durability and of course comfort.

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The good news for the trekkers is they can come across a wide range of options when it comes to trekking shoes. However, the task is to pick up the perfect shoes which match the type of trek you are heading towards. Before you spend your money on picking up the best trekking shoes, you need to understand few details.

To start with, let us know about the kinds of trekking shoes available in the market

Hiking shoes:

These are lightweight and simple shoes which are perfect for running and other sports. These are made of rubber soles and are much durable. If you are not carrying a heavy bag with you for the trek, then these can be the best shoes. If you are going to a region where there is dry terrain and warm weather, then purchase hiking shoes.

They are sturdy and will also make your hiking trip easier. These hoes are best for long distance hiking trip, day hiking, backpacking trip and moderate backpacking.

Trekking boots:

These are a supreme version of the above mentioned shoes. These provide additional support to your ankles and feet. These are made from materials like synthetic, suede or leather. They are strong and more durable than the above one. These shoes are pretty expensive, but they are worth for a tough trekking trips.

If you are going on a hiking trip for the first time, then trekking boots can be the most appropriate companion for your journey ahead.

Expedition boots:

If you have planned for most adventurous and dangerous trekking trip, then go for expedition boots. These are tough, aggressive and thick and will last for many years, even after you have hiked a lot. They come with an expensive price tag, so purchase only if you are an expert in hiking and are going for difficult treks of life.

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These are best for climbing, high alpine treks, general mountain climbing and for any dangerous hiking trips. If you want to complete the hiking without troubles then purchase the boots.

Tips to remember while purchasing trekking shoes

  1. Check if the shoes fit you well, it should neither be loose nor tight. They should fit perfectly.
  2. Check if the shoes you are buying are right in quality and are made of genuine material.
  3. Do not compromise if the price seems to be expensive, as these shoes are bought once or twice and not always.
  4. Make sure you are purchasing branded trekking shoes.

Good luck for your next trek!

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