Preparation for Ladakh Road Trip

Ladakh Road Trip Preparations

The journey to Leh Ladakh is absolutely thrilling and exciting and that’s why you need preparation for the Ladakh Road Trip. Those who have traveled to Leh Ladakh through their bike ride consider this to be the Holy Grail. The experience is unique and has no words to explore when biking in the Himalayas. This is definitely the most arduous journey in the world, you would ever experience.

Remember, the highway, Leh- Manali is not as smooth as the national highways on the other regions of the nation. Although they look great in photos, they are really challenging and only an experienced biker can travel through. Below are few useful tips to help you plan for a safe and best Preparation for Ladakh Road Trip.

Things to Carry in Leh Ladakh Trip

Essential tools:

During Preparation for Ladakh Road Trip, This will be helpful in case of your bike breakdowns. This includes: Bike toolkit, ring spanner of size  8 -17, flashlight, flat tyre repair kit, screwdrivers, tow rope, petrol siphon pipe, jumpstart cables, foot air pump and empty coke bottle for carrying extra petrol

Important documents to carry:

Most Important thing in the Preparation for Ladakh Road Trip to carry bike papers like registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, insurance certificate and your driving license and Adhar Card along with you

Essential spares to carry:

Extra spark plug, cable for the accelerator, duplicate keys, epoxy adhesive, instant adhesive, spare fuses, spare headlights, chain links, engine oil, spare inner tubes and cables for clutch and brakes are some of the important things to be Preparation for Ladakh Road Trip.

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Rent a Bike for Leh Ladakh Trip

There are many bike mechanics and tour operators in Leh and Manali offering bikes for rent. However, you should be very careful while selecting the bike, which you can manage riding on these challenging roads.

Try to check the quality of the bike and how it sounds. Take the bike for a small ride before you choose.

Check with multiple dealers before you select.

To say, the Royal Enfield 350 CC will cost about Rs.1200 tp Rs.1500 per day. There is also 500CC Enfield Bullet available, but it may cost you over Rs.1800 per day. The Pulsar bikes are relatively cheaper and they are available even at Rs.1000 per day.

Since you are going to ride on the toughest roads of the world, you cannot compromise on the quality of the bike you are choosing, which may also result in unwanted risks involved. Therefore, pay more attention to choosing the right bike, which is in good condition too.

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Additional Tips for the Ladakh Road Trip

  • Try to ride the bike using the same gear for ascending or descending in a stretch. This will put only less pressure on the brake, as engine braking will play a major role
  • Always keep the gear engaged
  • Do not go too far nor too slow
  • It is recommendable to test the water before crossing any water bodies and check the depth too
  • Try to turn the throttle up, until you are out of the water, as the moment you turn the accelerator down, water enters the exhaust pipe, causing the bike to stop
  • Riding through fresh snow will give adequate traction, however, go slow
  • There will be many speed breakers in between, therefore, be aware of them
  • Keep the chain slightly look like this can help to prevent overheating

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