Trekking While You Are In Period

Trekking during periods? Is it really a good idea? Will I be comfortable? Will I even enjoy my trek? These are the thoughts we get while we plan for a trek and the trekking dates coincide our menstrual cycle dates. So, now these monster days won’t spoil your trek at all. Drop the idea of going on your trek only if your cramps are usually unbearable and if you’ve experienced that physical exertion makes it worse. Consult your Gynecologist for a better advice.

Trekking during your periods isn’t a bad idea at all many of the adventure enthusiasts do it and so can you! You just need to take care about few important things which will help you on your trek.

What next?

Carry sufficient Sanitary Pads or Tampons:  Carry both sanitary pads and tampons while packing. Tampons are easy to use and won’t make you more uncomfortable if you are aware of it or used to it. Ensure to wrap the used ones properly and dispose them into a trash bag or can, you can talk to the trek leader about it and they will help you out.

Carry zip pouch: It is very important to put the used sanitary pads into a proper zip pouch/bag and spray the bag with a disinfectant to avoid the foul smell and bacteria. After wrapping up the used pads/tampons make sure you dispose them in a proper trash bin and not in any open area.

Hand sanitizer: Carrying hand sanitizer is a must even if you aren’t on your periods. Living in wild doesn’t need you to be unhygienic or messy. Applying the sanitizer every time after you change or wear your pads or whenever you feel there is a need, do use it. Also, do carry tissues and extra clothes in case of emergencies. Make sure your hygiene isn’t compromised under any circumstance.

Relief Meds: Carry doctor prescribed medications to smother your menstrual cramps in order before the trek. Medical kits equipped with quick relief meds such as painkillers and paracetamols are the most needed while you are on your periods. Our team will also be having a medical kit.

Remember, your Trek Leader is always there to assist you. Don’t be shy to talk about your needs to the Trek Leader as everyone is aware about periods. Team Aahvan is too supportive and practical. If you aren’t feeling well enough to continue the trek inform the trek leader and take proper rest. Most importantly keep yourself hydrated and energetic with proper food/liquid intakes.

Trekking is all about fun, adventure and will. Periods can’t stop you; you are born to conquer the heights of the mighty mountains. Go, live while you are still alive!

Happy Trekking…!!

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