Why Kedarkantha Trek is Unique?

Why Kedarkantha Trek is a unique?

The Kedarkantha Trek offers the best output for any beginner‘s satisfaction that is why Kedarkantha Trek is unique because the, as the trek is open in the snow where you hear the whispers of the trees coming along with the cold blowing wind. There you encounter pretty campsites and a wide clear atmosphere. Apart from that, the main scenario is to watch these clearing forests residing in the middle of the mountains. This trek is the best for winter calls in the duration month between December and April. 

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If you thing Why Kedarkantha Trek is unique? then, there is snow till April. There are very few people with the knowledge of snow in winter at Kedarkantha.

Lovey campsites: Referring to the articles published by the researcher, it comes to the notice that this Kedarkantha Winter Trek is said to have the loveliest moments spent at the camp. You can assume the things fallen apart are snow and forest and sunrise and sunset, but now connecting it in a single line segment of feeling it line-wise. Every beauty has its own Uniqueness. Indeed, it’s proved to be the most amazing snow-down at Kedarkantha during the whole trek.

Himalayan Drives: This trekking flourishes you by migrating to different places like Mussoorie, Nowagaon, Purola, and Mori before riding you to Naitwar. It is a remote route and is considered to be the most beautiful drive in the Himalayas.

Trek Begins!

There are many reasons to peak at a kedarkantha trek in winter! There is snow till the winter season that is till the third week of April. By crossing the 10,000 ft. mark along with the journey to pine trees one can come across the snow.

Starting with  the Day 1:
Dehradun takes you to GaichawanGaon that is not more than 8-9 hours. A meeting at Naitwar Barrier asks for permission (with government issues id) to get the entry. Taking a sharp right to right takes the trekkers to GainchwanGaon. This way goes straight to Sankri. Soothing sounds coming from River Supin entertain you throughout the way.

Starting with the Day 02:
This journey is from Gaichawan Gaon to Julota after having a satisfactory watch over the mountains. This is a gradually easy and steep ascent. The road takes you to Altwar. The calculated distance from GaichawanGaon is 3km. What do you see during the route? Apple orchards and farmlands. Altwar is a very small village with few houses. You can see the beautiful valley named Rupin from here.

The trail goes inside a light forest. Your hands get a little rough and dusty and can even experience little ascend. This place is known for its quietness and Hindi(“Shant”). You capture the image of the wooden bridge over a stream, which is almost dried as dead. Trail experiences a steep way with the little staircase in the middle throughout the trek to Altwar of Kedarkantha.

Clearing makes you see through dense forests of Oak and Pine. This place is considered to be very quiet. Soon trekkers can see the wooden bridge over a dried streambed. All the way from the steep way and staircase trekking at higher altitude, one gets the gradual inclined.

After passing all this trek from visiting different places that is why Kedarkantha Trek is unique. The huts await for the most enormous and different adventure. This place is called Raj Odari, from where you can take a route to the main trail. In half a kilometer, the trail arrives at Gainkaka.

Starting with the Day 3:
This is a trek to Julato to Kedarkantha Base(Pukhrola). The duration of time for this is only 4 hours with the gradual deep trek. This part of the Kedarkantha trek is considered to be the shortest of about only 2,000ft. height. After the shortest distance, this clearing walk of another 400-450 meters of Julota is called SiunnKa Thatch that is lying at the height of 9,293ft.

This trail goes through the jungle with a short break to enjoy the beauty of the place. Crossing few Streams, one reachPukhrola, a new Kedarkantha Base.

Starting with the Day 4:
Here, you reached Pukhrola to Kedarkantha peak and it is at a descend of the AkrotiThach.  A final push towards the summit is calling to start from Pukhrola at around 5:00 am. This route sways through the western ridge of the mountain and it gets steep at many points. Some of the peaks you see are Gangotri, Jorkadenon the way and makes your spirit light with the new positive energy into it.

Having spent time at the summit, retracing a way to Pukhrola. There is a slight deviation towards Pukhrola from Trail. On this Trail, there is an AkrotiThach.

Starting with the Day 5:
This day leads you back to the Gaichawan Gaon from Akroti Thach, watching Oak trees and Rhododendron forests. This whole journey makes you remember the most awaited campsites in the snowy region with a delightful experience. This is what one can ask for.